Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wanna see something hillarious???

Go to this page for Mel Gibson's new movie Apocalypto:

When it gets to the part with the screaming monkey, about 2/3 thrugh, pause it and use the buttons in the lower right to reverse back frame by frame. I couldn't believe it.


And if you're too lazy to do it yourself, here's a pic:

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

TGIF: Did you know....

Full House: Did you know....

1) Joey isn't allowed to answer the phone.

2) Before he moved into the basement, he owned a mannequin that he dressed up every day in the same outfit he was wearing. Why? Because he isn't allowed to own a mirror.

3) Why was Joey there? He actually ran over Mrs. Tanner and the judge ordered him to replace her as mom. Since he was mentally retarted, he couldn't go to prison. You see, he cant answer the phone because he's not only retarded, but not even related to the family, and that would seem sketchy

4) Whatever happened to Stephanie's little African American kindergarden friend? Joey ran him over too.

5) All of Stephanie's ethnic friends eventually vanished. Why? Joey is too stupid to understand skin color. It makes him nervous. And he gets stabby when he's nervous.

6) You can make a great drinking game out of Full House. Everytime someone gets into a fix, you take a shot. Everyime the whole family gathers around to poke their nose in someone's business like a mob, you take two shots. Every time they do something stupid with comet, 3 shots! and every time danny tries to dance, well, you just cry. Because crying is all that you can do in a situation like that.

Family Matters: Did you know...

1) Why did they keep replacing family members? You see, Urkle's pants are like a meter, and they are rising because of all the people he killed to meet his death quota. His soul will never be free

Sister Sister: Did you know....

1) They were lesbians.

Three's Company, Hangin' With Mr. Cooper, Dear John, The Jeffersons: Did you know...

1) They're all the same show.

TGIF: Did you know...

1) Look at all those years without TGIF. That's why the terrorists hate us. We cant keep constant family oriented quality friday night programming. Without the noble lessons of the Tanner family, al Queda fell into a rough crowd.

--==List Compiled By: Nick Crocco & Andrew Dowis==--