Monday, December 5, 2005

The Move, the Toe, and the Tour

Man, it's been a while between updates! I guess the Mega-Mash took a lot out of me. So, since it's been so long, this post requires 3 acts.

The Move

Well, I'm all moved into my new apartment! It's gonna be a pretty slick pad once I fix it all up. I'm gonna throw a party once it's ready, so stay tuned! But man, moving was a B-I-T-C-H! I hate moving. I spent every day after work moving, and then the whole weekend. Gah. But now's it's done! My folks are coming down this weekend to bring some stuff from home, so that'll be nice. It's gonna be the coolest pad ever! From here on out, it shall be known as the Crocco-cabana. And whenever anyone comes to hang and tells stories afterwards, they must incorporate the name into the tale. Ie: "So last weekend I was hanging out at the Crocco-cabana..." You get the picture. I'm glad everything survived the move in one piece, well, almost everything.... which leads me to...

Act 2
The Toe

As I was moving, I found my old friend and nemesis, APEX!!!! For those not-in-the-know, APEX was my old dvd player. He was a good little trooper, and got me through some hard nights these last few years. However, a few months ago, he started to be, well, difficult. You see, he would start off being nice, and play the movie like a good lil player, but then, just when you were all settled.... BAM! Green screen!!! BUSTED! However, he wasn't completely broken. I was able to communicate to him that I wanted him to play my movie with a series of ejects and blows to the head, and eventually he would understand and cooperate. And just when your hand had stopped throbbing from hittin' 'im, and you were once again settled.... BAM! Green screen! "APEX!!! Why have you forsaken me???" could be heard throughout the hallowed halls of Parkwest at any given weekend. At first I was in denial. I mean, APEX was my friend, how could he do this to me? Maybe it was just a phase, he would grow out of it. However, I finally realized it was time to acknowledge the problem. The only way to save him was surgery. I broke out my tool kit, and pryed the little guy open. After what seemed like an eternity of tweaking, adjusting, and bashing, I deemed that there was nothing more I could do. We would just have to wait and see if the surgery was a success. I plugged him back in, and with a sputter and a pop, he lived again!! Success!! But it was not to be. After about a week or so of flawless playing, APEX had a complete relapse. There was nothing I could do to save him this time, and I pulled the plug. I put him in his little box, but I still did not have the heart to let him go. He was laid to rest in my closet. Some people say you could hear taps playing that night, slowly, and gently in the breeze.

Fast forward 3 months: Moving day. As the closet was being cleaned, I found a strangely familiar box. I dusted off the top, and could it be? Yes! It was APEX! After 3 months of grieving, I deemed I was ready to finally let go. Feelings welled up inside me. The times we shared, the movies we watched. Then finally of his horrible disease. I now realize in hindsight it was not his fault, but, overcome by emotion, I raised little APEX above my head, and thrust him down in a mighty blow. "HOW COULD YOU APEX??? I thoght we were friends!!!" I then unleashed a mighty kick. How ignorant I was. Even in death, APEX was more than any mere man could handle. The mighty kick crippled me, my big toe lay limp, a casualty of the feud among friends. I picked up the remnants of APEX, and limped to throw him down the garbage shoot. But he refused to die! His cord, caught in the crack of the shoot, clutching to a life he longed to have and was denied long before his time, still clinged to that glimmer of hope. APEX??? WHY??? I, I, I, Loved you... And with a swipe, I lay the old friend to rest among his other fallen comrades. But not to fear readers! APEX still lives on! In the form of my sprained, black and blue big toe. APEX!!!!

Act 3
The Tour

With a new spring in my step (or limp in my gait, however you view it) I arrived at the Sony lot early this morning for my orientation. It was your general new hire meeting, but it was fun. We took a tour of the studio, saw the apartment where Cary Grant and Elvis used to stay, the sound stage where they filmed Wizard of Oz, and also saw them building new props for Spider-Man 3. We also went to the set of Jeopardy, which was neat! At the end of the tour, they gave us a goodie bag containing a wind breaker, hat, notepad, mosuepad, pens, and a dvd (I got Hitch). Pretty sweet deal!! Oh, and I also found my new favorite movie!

It has shadows, it's at night, with thrills, doctors, crimes, trances, and ghost killers! What more could you ask for???

So there you have it. A 3 act update from yours truly. Stay tuned until next week!