Monday, February 28, 2005

Shy Guy

I was always kinda shy growing up. Not super super shy or anything, but I was shy. I mean, I had lots of friends and everything, but I think it just took me a little bit... I dunno. I also went to an all guys high school, which was cool for many reasons, but was also bad for obvious reasons. It probably wasn't until junior or senior year in high school that I finally wasn't too shy anymore. College has been really cool, and here it is, senior year, and I thought I wasn't shy at all anymore. I mean, I can wear my Goofy hat and ears to school just because the hat is green and totally not care. I can even make faces at Disneyland on Splash Mountain or make funny gestures for the drop camera just for the sake of making people laugh.

But here I am, a senior in college, and I'm shy.

Like I said before, have you ever heard the perfect song that sums up how you feel at that point in time perfectly? That happened to me today. The song's called Let Go by Frou Frou.

drink up, baby down
mmm, are you in or are you out
leave your things behind
'cause it's all going off without you
excuse me, too busy you're writing your tragedy
these mishaps
you bubble wrap
when you've no idea what you're like

so let go, jump in
oh well, whatcha waiting for
it's alright
'cause there's beauty in the breakdown
so let go, just get in
oh, it's so amazing here
it's alright
'cause there's beauty in the breakdown

it gains the more it gives
and then it rises with the fall
so hand me that remote
can't you see that all that stuff's a sideshow

such boundless pleasure
we've no time for later now
you can't await your own arrival
you've 20 seconds to comply

so let go, jump in
oh well, whatcha waiting for
it's alright
'cause there's beauty in the breakdown
so let go, just get in
oh, it's so amazing here
it's alright
'cause there's beauty in the breakdown

Saturday, February 26, 2005

San Diego Zoo!

Oh man! Just got back from the Zoo trip. What a blast! I had such a good time. Mike, Andrew, Trey, and I drove down and got there around 2:00 on friday and everyone else got there around around 6ish. Friday night was a blast, everyone (minus Andrew and Trey) went bar-hoppin and we ended up at some guys party. It was really fun and stupid, but it was just good to go out, hang with friends in a new place. I love adventures, and all the U-Turns made this a pretty damn good one.

Today, after a looooong night (I barely got any sleep at all) we all got up early and went to the Zoo. Stopped on the way, got some doughnuts (ugh, and whole milk by accident.... *puke*) and after some "creative" driving, we made it to the zoo! It started out slow, we were all a little tired and cranky at the beginning, but soon we all started having a really good time. I think everyone had a great time, so that was awesome. We saw some really cool animals, got in some great quality drawing time and just had fun. I really liked hanging out with everyone, since we never really have a chance to do so outside of class (with this many people anyway) so that was a blast. So we were there until it closed (5:00pm) and then we headed back. The ride home was nice. We were all so tired, both sleepy tired and fatigued from walking tired that in order to stay awake, Andrew, Mike and I were singing 80's songs. I think Trey was asleep, but it doesn't matter since I was having so much fun. You know you have great friends when you can let all your gaurds and inhibitions down and sing "I just died in your arms tonight" at the top of your lungs in your highest pitched voice. So much fun, damn. We then stopped at Long Beach, grabbed some Chinese food, parted ways with the gals and headed home. One of the most fun weekends I've had in a long time.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Kinda Sick

Man, I think I have a cold. It might be allergies, but I have no idea. It's one of those things where overall I fell fine, except for the fact my right nostril is completely clogged. Fun stuff. I just better be better by friday, when we go to the ZOO! Woohoo, it's gonna be so awesome.

Lets see, what else. I guess the animation lab flooded over the weekend, so now it smells like crap in there. I went to TA and an hour into the class, we were kicked out. Apparently we weren't supposed to be in there. Now I got a clogged nose and a lungfull of spores. Fun stuff.

It better not rain tomorrow... I have to walk 2 blocks to my internship because of our new parking spaces, and I really don't want to walk in the rain. I don't even own an umbrella.

Thesis is coming along slowly but surely. I have to make 2 more levels and 2 more bosses. Not really too bad, but then I have the artwork to do as well. I sure hope it all comes together. It will, but I sure hope it does...

I could use some gollashes. And a hug.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


I went out today and had a little adventure. In n Out, the bank, Meltdown Comic, Amoeba music, and a drive down Hollywood blvd. It was really fun, driving in the rain and rockin out to music.

Have you ever heard the perfect song that sums up how you feel at that point in time perfectly? That happened to me today. The song's called Dizzy by Rob Thomas. I must have listened to it 4 times in a row.

And outside, the sky is falling
People dodging raindrops, staying dry
And inside, I never gave a damn 'bout those outside people anyway
And it hurt me, they don't even know who I am

And inside, there's no rainbows
And inside, I try I try I try, try to clear my head
And outside, the rain is drying
And inside I'm dying

Cause in here, I'm staring at the rings my coffee cup has made on the table
And in here, I know I know I know that this is as good as it gets
and in time I hope to be the one that talks about my better half
Until then, I count the cracks on the wall
Until it's time to lay my head

And inside, I play with shadows
And inside, I know I know I know that I'll feel this way all day, all day
And outside, there's hope for trying
And inside I'm dying

You walk before me, lord knows I can't follow
You walk behind me and I don't think I can lead
You walk around me, please don't walk around me
Cause you know how dizzy I get.


Today went from blah, to good, to very blah, to awesome. Woke up late, got all cleaned up and pretty much sat around for a while. I had this great idea to make this week fun by making a Full House quiz and the person who got the most answers right would win something. Well, I made up all the questions and everything and was all excited, and Andrew was the first to take the test, and got them all right. That made me kinda mad... ruined my plans and buildup. Oh well.

Then I worked on thesis a bit, got some work done on level 3, which was good. The bad news is I got on a roll right when other Andrew came over to play Smash Bros. So I was sitting here in my room by myself coding while Smash Bros is outside. Suckage. By the time I was done with what I wanted to do, they were done as well. Then they started watching this terrible dvd I wasn't in the mood for, so I just sat here waiting to do something and nothing happened. That really sucked.

Now, I'm sitting here typing and talking with Jess on IM while it's thundering and lightning-ing outside. Oh man, it's soo cool. I have all my lights out, and since Jess is only 2 miles north, we're pretty much hearing and seeing the same thing. It is sooo tight, man. It's like being in the haunted mansion. Creepy and cool. Damn, this is so fun. Weather like this kicks ass. Nobody else here seems to care, but I'm just sitting here alone in the dark talking to Jess loving every minute of it. It's like the blah all day today led up to this moment. It's just so damn cool. Definitely the most fun I've had in a long time! I'm so in awe and creeped out and loving every moment. There goes another one! Too awesome beyond words. What a great night, I love it.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Blog rhymes with log

Wow, I'm still goin strong! Today was easy, got up early and went to G4. Played some old school ninja games for NES and SNES, and they let me go early right before lunch. So on the way back, I got Taco Hell, and came back and watched my Full House dvd and ate tacos. I had forgotten how fun that show was.

Fun Full House Factoid: Uncle Joey is not allowed to use the phone. It's true!

So after that I did nothing for 2 hours (go me!) and then went to Nintendo Narratives. Sadly, Fun Hat Day didn't turn out as well as planned. Perhaps next time... I can't believe how boring NN is. We even have a midterm! Gah! So now I'm sitting here loathing the fact that for dinner it's Top Ramen again. I need to go to the store!

"Never opened myself this way,
Life is ours, we live it our way.
All these words I don't just say,
and nothing else matters." - Metallica

Dog rhymes with blog

Wow, am I actually gonna start writing in here more often? Only time will tell. Today was a blah kind of day. Woke up, went to thesis, which pretty much entailed hanging around for 45min for Jose before we could start. Saw how everyone's stuff was coming along, and it's all coming along...

Lets see, what else. I gave Jess some mini Krackels to tide her over until we strike the BIG one, heh. It was weird, I had gotten them yesterday on my way back from G4 to give them to her during the speaker last night, but she couldn't make it. When I got back home, I had an IM from her saying we should get some mini Krackels and melt them down to make a big one. Killer Koincidence. Came back to an appartment full of sick people, so I hope I won't get sick. Time to go into obbsessive compulsive mode and wash my hands like crazy. Burned Mike a copy of Lost, which is a pretty cool show. Then went to TA and worked on thesis during TA and afterwards in the lab until about midnight mostly debugging. I hate debugging. It takes so damn long and usually you get absolutely nothing done and feel bad because it took so long to do nothing. But tonight I actually got some stuff done, so ha!

Oh yeah, I just got charged a buttload of money because my file trasfer limit or my website went over the alloted space because people have been playing my Nemo game. It's cool people are playing, too bad they're not actually paying... There goes what little fun money I had left. *sigh*

So now I'm just sitting here, thinking about bosses to use in my game with Rob Thomas' new single "Lonely No More" stuck in my head.

I don't want to be lonely anymore.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Blog rhymes with frog

Wow, a new entry... who knew! Lets see, what's new? Today was a busy day, went to my internship at G4 which was fun, then came back to school, hung out in the lab for a bit talking with Nancy and Pete, then went to Pupa sculpting, left early and went to the Ed Wood screening, which was very cool. Martin Landeau was there, and he gave us tips and told stories for like 2 hours! Very neat. I was even able to get his autograph after the event, which was awesome. Thats about it. I wonder if anyone actually reads this thing.