Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Fun weekend and then some

This past weekend was fun! A group of 7 of us went to Anaheim to celebrate Cassie's birthday. We left friday night and stayed in a big 2 story suite. Saturday we kinda hung out around there. There happened to be a Mexican Flea Market across the street, so we went there lol. We got those snaps that you throw on the ground and make the snap sound (probably why they call them snaps) and we went around popping them in our hands, because we're hardcore like that. Then we took the Chili Pepper Challenge! The goal is to eat as many chili peppers you can until you cry or puke. Sadly, we all lost........ My tongue was numb for like 30min, it was intense! Played basketball later that day as well. Then Sunday we went to, you guessed it Disneyland! So much fun! I got a Stitch hat and gloves, so that was a blast. Oh, how I love Disneyland.

Monday was officially my first full day of work! So I went over to the Imageworks building to turn in my paperwork. They had the bike from Ghost Rider on display, and tons of storyboards from Imageworks next animated feature on the walls. Pretty cool! Then I actually ran in David Feiss, my old soccer coach (who created Cow and Chicken)! So we talked for a few seconds, but we both had to go. We're gonna "do lunch" next week lol. So that was fun. Good times, good times.

Monday, October 17, 2005

It's my lucky day!

This week was chill. The new iPod came out, which I'm excited about! I had just got a color one a week earlier, so I returned it and ordered the new one. Thursday Cassie calls me after work, and wants to know if I'd like to go to the Disney Soda Fountain in Hollywood. How could I say no? So we had ice-cream, and it was delicious! Then Saturday my friend Keith was in town, so we met up and I showed him around. We went to Venice Beach, and then Hollywood, followed by a Galaxy game. It was really fun. After I got back, I went out and rented Amityville Horror, and watched it with both Andrews and Rob. It was actually really good, I was suprised.

Today was really fun. Slept in real late, then got up and met Jess at Derek's to go pumpkin patching! We were trying to look for Dr. Bones' Ol' Timey Pumpkin Patch, but, alas, no luck. We stopped at another place that had some good pumpkins, but it was on the pricey side. We went to a Halloween store and got some decorations, followed by a trip to the gas station. It must have been my lucky day. As I was pumpin gas, I look down and see folded up cash on the ground. I pick it up, expecting maybe a dollar or a fiver, but no! $100!!! I found a hundred dollar bill on the ground at the gas station! NUTS! So after that, we went to Target to check out their pumpkins, and they actually had a pretty good selection. We ended up getting 10 pumpkins :) Derek had to head out, so after that, Jess and I went to pick up some Chipotle (CHIPOTLE!!!) and headed back to my place. Watched some Seinfeld, shopped for Halloween costumes online, and played some CROSSFIRE!!!! You might even say we got caught up in it. Worked on Jose's website a bit as well. That's about it. Overall, a very fun few days. I can't believe I found $100!

Sunday, October 9, 2005

General Update

Well, things are going well for me. Work is fun. Moved to a new cube next to Ryan, one of the guys I work with, so that's cool. On one hand I can't dink around when it's a slow day, but on the other, it's right next to the printer, so it's good in a sense that I can start talking to people more, including Ryan.

This weekend was fun. Friday night after work I went to Best Buy and got a new iPod. My mom mentioned she wanted to get one, so I'm gonna give her my old one. I also listen to it at work a lot, so I needed to upgrade to a model that holds more songs, and my old one (a mini) has more than enough space for my mom. So I got a color one, which is really cool. I spent all night friday updating my library to sync with the new 'Pod (including all my album artwork, since it's viewable).

Saturday, I slept in 'til late, which was really nice. Got like 12 hours of sleep lol. Then Andrew and I went to Michaels so I could pick up a frame for my Submarine Voyage print I got at Disneyland. Of course, Disneyland matted it with an akward size, so I had to trim it to fit. No biggie, it turned out nice! We stopped by Party City for Halloween stuff. I got a pirate pistol for my pirate costume, and also gloves, a mask, and chains for whenever. You can never have enough Halloween costumes. Damn, I love halloween! I can't wait until I have a house so I can decorate it for Halloween. It's my favorite holiday, and yet I've never lived in a house that had trick-or-treaters. That's one of my life goals, have a house that I can decorate for Halloween. I want to be that one house on the street people go out of their way to go to. I'd seriously hand out full size candy bars and everything. Oh well, one day...

Today we went over to Mike's party. It was really fun. Had some good BBQ, played some Candyland (GO CRACKER!!), some b-ball, watched some Labryinth, saw some people I haven't seen in a few years which I wasn't expecting, but it was good times.

Wednesday, October 5, 2005


I was looking at my pictures and realized 80% of them are either at/or have to do with Disneyland. The only 2 that don't are crazy japanese happy number 1 bing-go me, and graduation lol What's even sad is that most of the pics are from different visits too! And if I'm not at Disneyland, I'm dressed up as something from Disneyland (halloween) or somewhere because it's Disney (El Capitan/Soda Fountain for my birthday). I guess I really like Disneyland.

Then again, who doesn't?