Sunday, May 21, 2006

Curse You Plastic Moldsman!

Been a while without an update. So here it goes:

I just started playing guitar. I don't really know why, sounded like it'd be fun. I was inspired by the movie School of Rock haha! So I went out and bought a Martin DM Dreadnought and started teaching myself. It's really fun, but I can't play any songs yet :)

Go see DaVinci Code! It's really good (despite what critics say). Go see it!

And while you're at the cinemas, go see Over the Hedge. Best non-Pixar-non-Shrek CGI movie so far! It was really entertaining! Plus, it's like 95% free of pop-culture jokes! It's all just universal gags and funny characters. Dreamworks is finally starting to get it!