Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'm Moving (again)!

Well, it's been a while without a new update, so I figure I'll throw one up. So yeah, I'm moving again! I'm pretty excited. I'm moving into a house (yes, an actual house!) with my friend Rob. It's in Venice, so it's not too far away. It's really nice too! I have my own room, we have a good sized living room, a washer/dryer (!!) and a really nice backyard. Also, perhaps bext of all, there's parking!!!! Tons of parking! Street parking, driveway parking, you name it, we got it! So I'm pretty stoked :) My lease is up here January 31, so I'll be all moved over by then. Exciting times!

Here's a funny thing that happened to me today. I got in the mail 2 backissues of E-Ticket Magazine, a Disneyland magazine. I got an issue talking about the Submarine Voyage, and one about Marc Davis' pirate sketches. They both also have little features about the Haunted Mansion, and one issue even showcases the Hatbox Ghost!! So I was having lunch at Denny's, reading my magazines, thinking how cool they are. I leave, go to my car, put my magazines back in the envelope the came in, put them on the room of my car when I open the door, get in, and drive off. I'm almost home when I realize, "OH SHIT!! I left my magazines on the roof of the car!!" So I pull in a gas station, hoping to God they are still there (they're not) or they fell in my bed (nope) and I turn around and re-trace my steps. I get all the way back to Denny's and low and behold, lying in the middle of the road, my envelope. With a giant car tire track down the middle. I drive up to them, open my door, grab them. They're still fine :)