Friday, August 26, 2005

Crazy Week of Magical Fun: Days 7-11

I'll post a better blog later, I promise. But Nick's Crazy Week of Magical Fun has ended.... but the good news is it almost turned into 2 weeks of Magical Fun! Friday I took Beth to get jumper cables, picked up Cassie from the airport, picked up Jamel from Westwood, and then to the airport, and then LAS VEGAS! Spent friday night and saturday night in Vegas, didn't win anything, didn't get completely trashed, but it was fun! Hung out with Shinri and Shinju (Shinri's cool little sister) so that was a blast! Came home sunday night. That was supposed to be the end of the crazy week of magical fun.... but NO! Monday I started work at Sony! And guess how I started it? By going to the main lot to watch a movie!! FUN! Tuesday was my second day, and guess what I did after work? Went back to Disneyland!! One of the best times ever!!! Got me some Magical Mouse Ears which grant me (along with Derek and Jess) super powers. We formed Da Mousket33rz, a magical fighting tour-de-force. Good times. Crazy Week of Magical Fun, you were everything I'd hope you'd be, and more. It was a great fling, but we both knew it wouldn't work out in the end. Until our paths cross ways again, I bid you adeiu.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Crazy Week of Magical Fun: Day 6

Today was pretty blah. Slept in until late, like always. Then I pretty much just mucked around on the internet all day. I called Jaime over at Sony and found out that I should come in at 10am monday. Other than that, just hung out here. Listened to music, fooled around with photoshop, just kinda whatever. It was boring, but also kinda nice. At around 5, I had a craving for some chinese food, and after realizing the only thing I had eaten today was a taste of Disneyland fudge (which literally had me drooling like Homer........) I headed out to the Panda Express. Brought the grub back here, popped in Pirate of the Caribbean and chilled out. After the movie, Mike IMed me to play some Battlefield 2, and Petere H joined in as well. PB$ also hopped on and we played too. Very fun. We pwned with the helicopter! Good times. But now it is late, and tomorrow shall be busy. Gotta go grocery shopping (ughhhhh), pick up Cassie from the airport at 4 and then I leave with Jamel for Vegas! Oh yeahh! But now, I sleep.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Crazy Week of Magical Fun: Day 5

Today was cool. Got up around 11am, so didn't sleep in quite as long. Took a shower, and decided to go get a haircut. I loaded up my iPod with new tunes, and I was off! First stop, the good ol' haircuit place. They always do such a good job, and it's only $10. Good deal. After the haircut, decided to stop at Jack in the Crack for some grub. Stopped in the Games 4 Less first, and they said they'd get a shipment of Nintendogs in later today (joy!) so I should come by later. Went to da Crack, had a Club Sandwhich (which was actually really good) and then off to Hollywood! First stop: Meltdown Comics. I wasn't planning on getting anything, but they had Alex Ross' artbook in, so I had to get that. They also had a Bruce Timm book in that I new Andrew would love, so I got that for him. And as I was about to pay. they had Superman For Tomorrow vol 2, which I didn't know was out yet, so I had to get that as well lol. After spending more money than I wanted, I headed out to Amoeba. I wanted to get the new Nine Inch Nails cd, which I just downloaded and was oh so good, and also Green Day's American Idiot cd. I downloaded that a while back and have grown to love it. Gotta support the artists by buying cds you know! So I found both of those, then I scored! They had a used copy of Disney's Peter Pan on dvd, which is super rare and usually goes for over $50, but I picked it up for $14.99!!! I also got a cd called Walt Disney takes you to Disneyland. It's off an old record, and Walt discusses each land and has music from each land as well. Very cool stuff. After my purchases, I decided to blast some Green Day and drive down Hollywood blvd. Even though I've been here over 4 years now, it's still so fun to drive down Hollywood and just gawk at all the cool stuff. I also saw some old people on La Cienega all dressed up in the park playing chess. That really made me smile. On the way back, I stopped by the game place again to see if they had Nintendogs, but alas, that is next week. Got back home, tallied my purchases, realized I better not eat until my next paycheck (lol) and then Kristina IMed me to go to dinner with her, PB$, and Beth. Heck, it's a week of magical fun, might as well eh? So we went to mystery italian place in Manhattan Beach, which was really good, and then headed back. We all wanted to watch a movie, and after being 10min to late to rent one from Blockbuster, we headed up to my place to pick from my wide selection. Beth was up for anything, and after Peter chose Unforgiven, everyone pretty much agreed to see that since they hadn't before. Good movie. Everyone enjoyed it, especially when Clint went Wolverine on their ass. Overall, a very fun day, very much worth being deemed Crazy Week of Magical Fun worthy.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Crazy Week of Magical Fun: Day 4

Today was fun. Pretty laid back overall. Slept in until late, which was nice. At around 3:00pm, Mike's bro came over and picked up his bikes (finally!) so that was cool. I now have 3 square feet more room in my room! Then Andrew and I high-tailed it to Best Buy. Sin City came out today, so that was a must buy. Such a cool movie. I also picked up the Great Escape starring Steve McQueen, which is a really cool WWII movie, Once Upon a Time in the West, one of the best westerns ever made, The Quick and the Dead, a cool western directed by Sam Raimi (Spider-Man, Evil Dead), and I also got an 8 disc Little Rascals box set, which is soooooo cool. It even has The Kid From Borneo on it!! I know only 2 other people know what the heck that means, but I'm stoked. Here's a pic to give you an idea what it's about:

Definitely one of my favorite Little Rascals shorts. After Best Buy, we grabbed some Taco Hell, watched Kid from Borneo, an episode from Simpsons season 6, and then Sin City. It's really funny, at comic-con, Andrew got me a kickass Sin City poster, and after watching the movie again, I decided to put it up. So now I have 2 posters up in my room of my 2 favorite places: Sin City and Disneyland. I have some pretty varied tastes I suppose, just by looking at the stuff in my room you can tell. Anime cels, Disneyland poster, Sin City poster, a framed Bambi print, a Captain EO poster, a 3D sign with a gargoyle that says "Abandon all hope ye who enter here" which is right next to my Fraggle Rock poster, then you look at my dvds, and you'll notice that my Full House season 1 set is right next to Goodfellas. Then I also have a Bambi artbook sitting next to the From Hell graphic novel. My music collection has everything from Garth Brooks to Nine Inch Nails to Al Jolsten and Cab Calloway. Pretty eclectic (wow, vocab word!), but I enjoy it all! I figure the more variety in taste I have the more chances of having fun I have... And I like to have fun. So today was pretty chill. Now to figure out what tomorrow has in store..... perhaps Hollywood? The possibilities are endless.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Crazy Week of Magical Fun: Day 3

Today was pretty fun. Slept in, which was nice, even though I kept waking up because I kept thinking I was supposed to be somewhere... stupid work. Talked to Jess for a bit, and we were both bored so we decided to get some 31 Flavors, in particular the Bee ice-cream. First we stopped off at Longs and I dropped off some digital camera pics I took at graduation to be printed out, then off to 31. It was sooo funny, the 31 Flavors was in the middle of the ghetto, and it was kinda shady around there, but we went in anyway. And of course, no more Bee ice-cream.... boo! We still got ice cream anyway, but left kinda dejected. We got back to my place, watched Alien, followed by some Disney shopping online, Seinfeld, pizza and Smash Bros. Jess took off to check out an apartment, Eugene stopped by to return my dvds and to drop off a present for Andrew. I organized all my graduation/screening pics and put them in an album too. Now I'm just chillin out, listenin to Disneyland music in a generally happy mood. Nothing I like better than hangin with friends. Good times.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Crazy Week of Magical Fun: Day 1

DAY 1: Went to Disneyland. Was a blast. Will discuss later. Now I pass out. Check out new picture.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Nick's Crazy Week of Magical Fun!

It's offical! As of 4:30pm, Nick's Crazy Week of Magical Fun has began! It started as soon as I walked out the doors of EA for the last time, with a fatty mc paycheck to boot! So now I have a week off to do whatever I want! So, how might one start off a Crazy Week of Magical Fun? you might ask. Well, how about at Disneyland??? Yup, tomorrow is Disneyland! I'm pumped. I love that place. Then I can do whatever I went all next week. How might one end a Crazy Week of Magical Fun? you might ask. Well, how about Las Vegas! Ohh yeah, Vegas baby. Next weekend. I'm stoked. Then I start working at Sony monday. Can it get any better? Can I be any more excited. My friend, I think not.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Nintendo DS

Well, I've been wanting to get one on and off since November........ and today I finally splurged and got myself a Nintendo DS! I went in to Gamestop to get a used one to save some $$ and I also picked up Mario 64 DS and Warioware Touched. After they rang me up, I thought the total seemed a little low, but I didn't say anything. When I got in the car, I looked at the receipt and they only charged me $59.99 instead of $109.99! They rang it up as a Gameboy SP instead, so I saved $50! Woohoo! It's soooooo fun. Warioware is crazy cool, and Mario is a portable version of the 64 game, one of my favorite games ever. Good times! And then Nintendogs is coming out in a few weeks too! I can't wait. I've been wanting to get a real dog for a little while now, like a French Bulldog or something, but I know I can't because of my hectic schedual, and I won't be able to for a while until I become a bit more settled. Hopefully Nintendogs will hold me off for a while :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2005


I got the job at SONY!! Can I get a fuck yea??? FUCK YEA! Oh man, this is gonna be flippin' sweet. I'm so damn excited!!